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"Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. "

As I get older I find I’m getting more scared.I used to be pretty fearless within my own capacity but now I don’t take the chances. Well apart from in relationships and still get royally fucked over! I envy the lives of those who have a home…


I’m killing time thinking of something that doesn’t even exist. Letting every second pass with a fairy tale going on in my head. Staring at the ceiling with my back flat on the floor. I’ve been staring for a while but my eyes are drifted along with my thoughts. I’m creating fantasy and escaping reality. I want to make my fantasy a reality. Again, a fairy tale in my head that doesn’t even exist.


"There is no way two men could even begin to take care of a child"


her real parents never even realized she was fucking gone.

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❝ The oddest things hurt me. They get stuck in my head and replay over and over.

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Perhaps fuck off, might be too kind.

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Overgrowth is a new and ongoing artistic collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina

Inspired by a pursuit of beauty, Riley combines classically thoughtful botanical designs with Parker’s carefully considered film images in an expression of the multifaceted relationship between humankind and nature. The two artists contrast anonymous portraiture with sweeping landscapes in an attempt to capture both the malleable and untamed aspects of the natural world.

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i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

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the moon; the sun; the stars by abigail 


the moon; the sun; the stars by abigail